Which channel broadcasts PSG Manchester United streaming?

PSG Manchester United first leg summary

It was a very nice meeting that took place at the legendary Old Trafford stadium on Tuesday, February 12. The program PSG Manchester united in the first leg for the 8 the finals of the UEFA Champions League.

Unfortunately, many French people could not see the Parisian team at work for lack of a French channel which broadcasts the event in free streaming.

But do not worry. If you missed this meeting, we will give you a short summary. In the first half, opportunities followed one another for the two teams, but the scoreboard froze at 0 everywhere. Apart from a few yellow cards distributed, there was not much to see in the first half of this first leg.

But the second part of PSG Manchester United started very strong. Barely 10 minutes after the return from the locker room, had the Parisians opened the scoring with a sensational entry from Kimpembe at the far post? Barely 7 minutes later, had PSG widened had the gap with a second goal signed Mapp this time. Manchester United got caught on their own ground.

PSG Manchester United’s first leg ended with this score: 2-0. The Parisians now have two goals ahead. In addition, the English will be penalized for the return leg. They lost their joker Paul Pombo who received a red card during the first meeting.

Now that you know about how was this highly anticipated meeting of 8 the finals of the Champions League, you are ready for the future. And don’t worry, you’re not going to miss the PSG Manchester United second leg. Now we are going to show you how to stream it for free and in HD using the best vpn on android.

Which channel broadcasts PSG Manchester United streaming?

If no French channel broadcast the first leg PSG Manchester United for free on February 12, this will also be the case for the return leg. Indeed, no free streaming is planned for French viewers on March 6, which is a bit of a shame given that a Parisian team will be on the ground.

But in any case, just because no French channel wants to broadcast free streaming doesn’t mean you won’t be able to watch PSG Manchester United. You will see, we will find a way to follow this meeting for free and live.

According to the information we have received, like the first leg, the second leg PSG Manchester United will be streamed for free by RTS.

This Swiss channel, much appreciated by French-speaking sports fans, will broadcast the match for free, live, in HD, and especially with commentaries in French.

But there is still a slight problem. As RTS is a Swiss channel, it is theoretically not accessible from France or from any other foreign country for that matter. But that we knew from the start. Moreover, our tip today will consist precisely in unblocking this Swiss channel from France.

How to watch PSG Manchester United streaming on RTS?

You will understand, to watch PSG Manchester United in free streaming, we will therefore go through RTS. However, this Swiss channel is not accessible from France. We will therefore have to unlock it. But for that, we will first need to understand how RTS locates you.

How do the TV channels locate you?

If you can’t access RTS to watch PSG Manchester United live and stream from France, it’s obviously because the Swiss channel has located you. But how does it locate you? This is the question we will have to answer before finding a solution to unblock RTS abroad.

In fact, neither RTS, nor any other channel, nor any other web service locates users. It seems paradoxical, but it is the Internet users themselves who indicate their location when they request access.

Clearly it’s not obvious, but it’s good because of you if you can’t watch PSG Manchester United streaming from France. We will explain to you how internet localization works.

Internet localization: how it works

In fact, the geolocation feature of today’s devices is a massive deception and many have been fooled. Indeed, many Internet users think that by deactivating the geolocation system of their device, they will no longer be relocated.

But that’s not the case at all. Even by disabling this feature, it is still possible to know your location. Explanation:

Once you are connected to the internet, your device will broadcast an IP address which is its identification number on the internet. This coordinate will allow the web service to obtain several information concerning the device and its user.

Among this information, there is the location, which is certainly not as precise as the GPS, but which still allows you to know approximately your location.

If you can’t watch PSG Manchester United streaming from France via RTS, then it’s because of your IP address. This coordinate betrayed you by delivering your location. And since the Swiss channel cannot broadcast images abroad, your requests will be systematically rejected.

How to unlock RTS?

Now that we know how RTS locates you, we can find a solution to unblock her and watch PSG Manchester United Stream, Live and HD for free.

From what we know, if it is impossible to access RTS from France, it is therefore because your IP address indicates that you are in France. If you want to watch PSG Manchester United in free streaming, you will therefore have to use a Swiss IP address to unblock the channel. But how?

To our knowledge, it is not possible to modify the IP address or the information it conveys. And since this identification number is provided by the ISP, only the latter can change it. And still it is necessary that your ISP wants to change it.

On the other hand, it is possible to trick RTS into watching PSG Manchester United streaming using the IP address of another device while hiding your own. And it is possible to do this very easily by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a completely legal tool.

How to watch PSG Manchester United streaming with a VPN?

We will now see how to use a VPN on Windows or another platform in order to watch PSG Manchester United for free streaming via RTS. Here is how the trick works.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a Virtual Private Network as its name suggests. The network is made up of many servers located in different countries and cities. By connecting to a server, you will use the IP address of that server instead of your own. You will then only have to choose in which country you want to obtain an IP address.

To unblock RTS and watch the PSG Manchester United live stream for free, you will therefore need a Swiss IP address. To do this, you just need to connect to a VPN server installed in Switzerland and everything will work as if you actually live in this country.


We are already at the end of our article on “How to watch PSG Manchester United streaming for free?” “. As you can see, it is not at all difficult. All you need to do is use a VPN to unblock RTS and enjoy HD streaming from this Swiss channel.

Since you already know the 3 best VPNs at the moment, all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you. With that, we look forward to seeing you on March 6 to follow the live streaming of PSG Manchester United.