NBN Plans: Best Plans from Top Providers

When it comes to choosing NBN plans, you need to consider several factors to ensure that you are not overspending, while still getting to enjoy the features that you need. However, several providers are offering the best plans and this makes the process of selecting the most viable one overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices, below are some of the top providers and their best NBN plans that you should check out.

Tangerine: NBN XL Boost Unlimited

One of the best NBN plans that you need to consider is offered by Tangerine and this is their NBN XL Boost Unlimited under the Standard speed tier. This plan boasts of a typical evening speed of 42Mbps, as well as unlimited data. You can compare NBN unlimited internet plans in the same speed tier and for sure, this plan from Tangerine will come out as the winner because the price that you have to pay is significantly lower than other providers. The best part is that they even provide a 14-day trial period, which means that should they fail to satisfy you with their service, you are not bound to any long-term commitment.

Optus: Internet Everyday Plan

Gamers should consider the Internet Everyday Plan offered by Optus because, with this plan, their speed and data requirements will surely be met. For only $75 a month, you will already get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 44Mbps and unlimited data. But the secret ingredient of this plan is its Game Path add-on that prioritises the routing of game-related content as long as the software is running. 

MyRepublic: Unlimited Essential – Flexi

In case you are a tenant, then you need to ensure that you are not tied down to a contract plan, which makes MyRepublic’s Unlimited Essential – Flexi the most ideal plan. With this plan, you get to have an internet connection with a typical evening speed of 43Mbps without any data cap. While this plan comes with a no setup fee, you still need to purchase an NBN compatible modem which you can take with you should you need to move in the future.

Telstra: Unlimited + Premium Internet

If you are working from home, then Telstra’s Unlimited + Premium Internet plan is the best one that you should go for. This plan is under the Premium speed tier, and they guarantee a typical evening speed of 100Mbps. You also get to enjoy unlimited data with this plan for only $90 a month, which is way cheaper than the plans offered by other providers in the same speed tier. The best part is that this plan comes with a 4G enabled modem router that can serve as a backup in case your NBN service is down.

Aussie Broadband: 1000/50 Unlimited

For the best high-speed NBN plan, you should go for Aussie Broadband’s 1000/50 Unlimited which boasts of a typical evening speed of 215Mbps. This plan also comes without any data cap. However, you need to prepare to shell out $149 a month to enjoy this service. You also need to verify whether your area is serviceable with the technology that Aussie Broadband is using to deliver this plan before you sign up because a speed this fast is not available for all NBN connection types.

Final Word

There are already numerous NBN plans and providers but not all will be able to exceed or even meet your expectations. Thus, make sure to exert the extra effort to compare different providers or better yet, consider the services of only the most reputable and reliable ones. In doing so, you are sure to get the worth of every penny that you spend on your internet service.