Internet Speed Needed for PUBG and Other Online Games

Only gamers know the excitement and thrill of a good game. However, gaming experience can be ruined if you don’t have the right internet for it. Hence, before you commit to a service make sure you know what speeds you require for a smooth gaming experience.

If you are a hard core gamer, you may need to have an internet speed up to 20 Mbps and more. In case the internet speed goes below 20 Mbps, you may experience unwanted delays that destroy your gaming session. Remember that this minimum speed is only recommended for a single player.

If you live in a large household where multiple people are involved in downloading large files, streaming high-quality videos, etc. then the internet speed suggested above might not be suitable for you. In this case, you may require an internet speed up to 50 Mbps or more. This way, you can easily avoid any potential lags that usually arise when there are multiple users. 

To play online games, you need to have internet speeds of more than 12 Mbps. All these speed recommendations are highly generic and cannot be applied to all types of games. This guide will help you in determining the minimum internet speeds that you need for PUBG and other online games.

So, let’s dig in!

Minimum Internet Speed Needs for PUBG Mobile Game

The famous online multiplayer battle royale game, PUBG mobile allows you to play with your friends and family members who live in distant places. Some gamers frequently complain about delays during games and high ping rates. Hence, you need a stable and good internet speed to play this game.

If you look up about this topic on the internet, you may find the minimum internet speed required for gaming purposes is as low as 1 – 2 Mbps. This is why you shouldn’t believe everything on the internet. Different situations require different speeds.

When You Have a Decent Wi-Fi Connection

With a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you don’t have to fret about ping rates. Your committed server will ensure that you have a seamless online experience.

You Play Games Using Your Mobile Network

It does not matter if your mobile operator delivers speed ranging from 1 to 2 Mbps. Playing games over mobile networks may give rise to several issues.

On average, the majority of 4G networks offer a speed between 5 – 10 Mbps. The problem arises when network coverage quality is so bad that you end up getting internet speeds slower than the promised ones. To avoid these complications, you must get decent network coverage.

Internet Speed & Stability

Most people are unaware of the difference between internet speed and stability. Internet stability and speed go hand in hand. Your high internet speeds are not beneficial if they are unstable. So, choose the internet that offers both fast speed and stable internet connection.

Data-using Applications

High pings may also occur if several applications are running in the background. These apps keep using your data, resulting in fluttering internet speed. You can restrict permissions for data usage in the background to prevent this issue.

Device Issues

If you are facing problems despite having a stable internet connection offering high internet speed, then your device may be causing the issues. In this case, the first step is to check if you have a compatible device. If your device fails to meet the essential requirements, you would not be able to play your favorite online games at the recommended 60 FPS.

Your device may also cause lags and delays. Most gamers confuse it with network-related problems. The real solution in this situation is to select low graphics with 30 frames per second option. It is better to double-check that no application is running in the background.

Latency Rate and Packet Loss

You might come across different jargons used commonly in gaming communities. Ping rate and packet loss are two of the most significant ones.

Ping is usually calculated in online games through the other gamers’ frame of reference. It guides you about other payer’s internet connection and speed problems.

Similarly, packet loss is when the information takes too much time to arrive at the landing-place, and the data may just vanish. This is different than ping rate in which you only end up responding at a slower pace in the game.

Top Internet Service Providers for Online Gaming

If you cannot afford fast speed fiber optic internet connection, then don’t worry, we have got you covered! There are always alternate options available. To assist you in this regard, listed below are top internet service providers for online gaming.

Spectrum Bundles

  • Fastest download speeds
  • Ultra-low lag times
  • Internet Gig for speed up to 940 Mbps
  • Low packet loss

Verizon Fios Plans

  • Good speeds
  • Excellent for multiplayer gaming

Xfinity Deals

  • Great speed
  • Far-reaching access

Cox Internet

  • Affordable rates
  • Perfect Mbps to price balance

Bottom Line

The internet has become an essential part of our lives. It gives you various opportunities to take up your hobbies and pursue your passions. If you like to play online games, then we have discussed the top ISPs like Spectrum internet prices that offer hardcore gamers the high speeds and reliability for a smooth gaming experience. These ISPs give you access to fast speed internet at affordable prices. You just have to do a little research and choose the one that best suits your gaming needs.