How To Restrict Social Media Usage During Office Hours

We are the residents of a digitally obsessed world, where everyone is kind of like in a race of having more hearts on Instagram or getting famous because they got more retweets. People are having two jobs, like one is the official job where you need to go outside and perform certain official tasks and are answerable before a boss. The second is an influencer job or a vlogger job where the person is solely dedicated to have any kind of work that he or she is particularly fond of or has a passion for. It can be about making funny videos, making content for the audience or marketing job, etc. The point is social media is not just a source of entertainment but has become a formal sensation in this era. So the obsession of youth with social media is understandable. It is not about only youth but the elder generation is also invested in the different kinds of social media platforms. This obsession sometimes gets weird in terms of office work and particularly when you are obliged to be solely committed to official work and you are busy with your part-time project or freelance work. That is against work ethic and not tolerable.

So in this kind of situation employers take action to ensure that the official work timings are purely dedicated to office work only. Employers are smart they use a monitoring system to keep an eye on these social media maniacs and tech-savvy generations that need to share every minute of their life update and opinion with the world. So to keep an eye on them we need an efficient monitoring software or spy app that will secretly spy on their activities and will ensure that the precious time and resources of the organization are not wasted on useless activities.

One of the best android spy app that you can try that offers excellent features are TheOneSpy app.

Screen Monitoring:

The app offers the screen recording feature which can be an excellent help to restrict extra, not work relating activities in the office. This feature allows the user to watch the screen of the target person in real-time. So you can make surprise visits to the suspected employees at any time to know if they are busy with their work or not.TheOneSpy captures screenshots and short videos as well as of the screen activities for the users.

Keep An Eye On The Social Media Activities:

TheOneSpy offers an abundant of spy apps that solely targets the social media platforms. These are 

  • Facebook spy app
  • Instagram spy app
  • Twitter spy app
  • Skype spy app
  • Whatsapp spy app
  • Spy on Snapchat
  • Tumblr spy app
  • Viber spy app
  • Line spy app and many more

So get all the spy apps meant for social media monitoring and keep an eye on all the employees that are obsessed with them. It gives the user remote access to every activity of the social media account with timestamp. Thus know who is wasting time on Instagram or Twitter in the office hours with the help of the spy app.

Keep Tabs On The Online Search History:

Internet is necessary for daily work routine but can be a huge source of distraction as well. So make sure no one wastes time on the internet during working hours. Track internet history feature allows the user to know all about the websites visited by the target person. It also gives you access to bookmarked folder as well so know about their common interest by checking the more frequently visited sites of the target person. 

The TheOneSpy app offers abundant package deals that have different features. You can select any of the package that fulfills your needs and demands. After selecting the package just install the software in the target device by following simple and easy steps. All you need to do is just physically access the target gadget once for completing the installation process. After that, you will have complete remote access to the target device. If you are a team Mac or Team Windows no need to worry as TheOnespy offers spy app for both systems. Similarly, you can try the android spy app for monitoring the target person through their smartphone.