Digital Parenting Hacks You Must Follow

These days, kids want to become more independent in their selection of activities. The Internet has become a necessary asset for them as they need it for their school tasks as well as for entertainment. To ensure that kids are safe from the bad influence of the Internet, it has now become mandatory for parents to track their internet usage and online activities. Parents now need digital hacks for monitoring theonline activities of kids and OgyMogyis here with some amazing parenting hacks. All these hacks are listed below.

Scrolling Social Media Accounts

The best digital parenting hack is to go through the social media accounts of kids. It can tell you about his friends, his activities and so much more. But the question is how this is possible? And the answer is OgyMogyi.e. the best spying application as well as the best parental control app in town. It provides you access topc of your kidsand all the social media websites installed on it. It also sends a notification about any new activity so that you can track all movements of your kids and make sure that they are safe from creeps. OgyMogyalsotracks the messages and calls history on all social media accounts so that parents can know who their kid is texting and talking to.

Going through the Chats

Parents all over the world have the same question that what do their kids do on their phones all the time? They are curious as to whom they are texting and talking to. As parents, they have to ensure the safety of kids whether it’s in the physical world or digital world. And the basic mode of communicationthese days is texting and calling. Parents get more curious about the people with whom their kids are communicating. So, to calm down these parents, OgyMogybrings another parenting hack i.e. watching and listening to all the texts and calls respectively.  All this is possible by the remote access provided by the OgyMogywhich lets you control the camera and microphone of smartphones of kids etc.

Searching the Browsing History

Kids are curious little beings who have a lot of questions and need answers to them all. Their curiosity makes them search all these on the Internet which is quite a bad thing as the given results may not be appropriate for them. To see what the kid has been searching online, parents used to go through a loop and holes. They needed to install different things, set different settings and all of it was a hectic process. But no more as the best parenting application is in town i.e. OgyMogy. Yes, OgyMogylets you access the browsing history of your kids. It not only provides access to history but also sends you notifications with timestamps. OgyMogy being the best lets you in on all the parenting hacks.

Tracking their Check-Ins

Are you wondering where your kid is and what is he doing? Well, you are at the right spot as OgyMogyis here to track location and notifying you about your kids. Location tracking is now available in all smartphones and applications but what makes OgyMogydifferent is that it not only gives you the exact location of kids but also tracks all their check-ins from their social media accounts. Yes, it indeed lets you track the social media accounts which can tell you all about the check-ins of your kids. So no more bunking for kids and no more tension for parents as OgyMogyis here with the best parenting hacks.

Watching the Protected Media Folders

Everybody stash their favorite chocolates or toys somewhere safe, and similarly,everybody has a password protected folder in their computers where they hide things from others. Kids and teenagers also do this. In this case, OgyMogy is the best solution for parents who want to access the personal devices of kids. Its features like remote access and screen recording are made for this i.e. watching the medial files and folders of kids. So no more hiding for kids as OgyMogyis here to disclose everything.

OgyMogy features go well in hand with the parenting hacks so what are you waiting for? Go online and download this amazing spying application.