Content Marketing Examples That Have Inspired Divya Gandotra To Stay Creative

The content market is ever-evolving, and that’s why you need to bring innovation in every piece to sustain your position. Whether it is content for your website or blogs, you cannot create the same content again and again. That’s why you need creative ideas that will bring innovation to your write-up.

“Believe it or not, more than 60% of companies are struggling to create consistent and innovative content.”

It is imperative to stay updated with the current trends and technologies to think of different angles for creating unique content. There are many digital agencies that are combating against each other to stand at the forefront of creativity and drive more customers.

EMIAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one growing digital company that has bagged ample recognition and brand value within a short span of time. Led by motivated and zealous entrepreneur Divya Gandotra, EMIAC has a skilled and creative team of content creators who are brainstorming new ways to create marketing content.

How Divya Gantora manages to inspire her team and keep them brimming with ideas?

“Creating content for the marketing world is not just about writing salesy blogs, it’s about transforming visions, voices, and virtues into words.” – Divya Gandotra.

Here are a few content marketing examples that inspired Divya Gandotra and allowed her to further bring her team’s best out. 

#1 Buffer – For Forward-Thinking Blogging Strategies

Buffer has always been doing things differently, whether it is their blogging or web content strategy. They focused on listing the guest bloggers on the site who wrote for Buffer instead of creating content and publishing it themselves. The content from guest bloggers was then posted to a high visibility website that bagged Buffer 1,00,000 users initially.

#2 Coca Cola – For Smart Campaigns

For a brand that has been in the industry for 127 years, it is important to spin its marketing game every now and then. The Coca-Cola “Share A Coke campaign” was a huge success and a genius marketing move. Including 150 names on the bottle, not only sky-rocketed the sales but was also a sensation on social media. The campaign was to “share a coke” with the person whose name was on the bottle. 

#3 Superdrug – For Comprehensive Marketing Success

Superdrug is an ideal example of creating marketing ideas and then turning them into a social media campaign. Superdrug invited 18 graphic designers to take a photo of a similar model and edit on Photoshop to depict their country’s beauty. The results were then posted on Huffington and Buzzfeed posts and got a massive reaction.

“I won’t say that I am a social media addict, but yes, I am a keen observer on social media that has allowed me to strategize my campaigns and content strategies.” – Divya Gandotra.

All these and many brands have inspired Divya Gandotra that enabled her to keep content creators creative and innovation-seekers. For Divya, it is not only about getting marketing success, but it is also about touching intellects and creating something that stays in the hearts forever!