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Jeanne (NoemieMerlan) is a shy young girl who cannot find a common language either with the people around her, or even with her own domineering mother (Idubbbz girlfriend). She gets a job as a night caretaker in an amusement park, where it is quiet, calm and there are no noisy crowds of people – around only the carousel mechanisms creak regularly. Here Jeanne finds her first passionate love. But no, not as a nice young man. She falls in love with the new attraction “Jumbo”, which the girl treats as a living, feeling creature.

The synopsis of “Jumbo” may seem crazy: not every day you see a movie about a romantic relationship between a girl and an attraction. But surprisingly, for all the eccentricity of the concept, the debutante film Zoe Wittock is a very understandable and strangely erotic drama about growing up and accepting one’s own sexuality. It’s just that instead of frank bed scenes, there is a spectacular metaphor and a quivering look into the soul of a non-standard heroine.

“Kept women” (3rd season)

The third and, as the authors promise, the final season of the series about the cruel customs of the capital’s elite begins. The investigation of the two murders has still led nowhere – the rich criminal Olkhovsky (Vladimir Mishukov) not only remains unpunished, but also is in a relationship with the investigator Lena (DariaMoroz), who was once engaged in the case. Against the background of detective intrigue, the story of Dasha (Sophia Ernst), a young artist from the provinces, who turned into a secular lioness and opened her own gallery, also continues.

By the beginning of the third season, it’s easy to get confused in the relationship of the heroes of the “Kept Women”: here everything is to a friend, either husbands, or wives, or, which happens more often, lovers. This erotic-detective tangle, however, must finally unravel effectively – director Yuri Moroz, who picked up the baton from DariaZhuk and Konstantin Bogomolov, will be responsible for this.

“Parents of the Year”

Paul (Martin Freeman) and Ellie (Daisy Haggard) are the parents of two children: a seven-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. They are trying to educate their offspring in a modern way, that is, together and together. Together they put the children to bed and cook food for them together, and in between routine tasks they just try to keep their sanity (the son and daughter, of course, interfere with this in every possible way) and keep up not only with the family, but also with their career

The idea for “Parents of the Year” came to actor Martin Freeman – he wanted to tell a very personal story about what it is like to raise children in the 21st century. His hero always doubts whether he is a good parent and a person, he is lost and not sure of himself to the same degree as almost any father in the world. In a series of comic scenes and humorous plots, the series interprets the topic of parenting in a very adult way, without unnecessary embellishments it shows all the horror (but, of course, all the happiness) of family life.

“Those who wish me death”

Hannah (Angelina Jolie) works as a firefighter in the backwaters of Montana and cannot let go of the tragedy that happened a year ago – then she had to watch how the fire, spreading to the forest, kills her colleague and random teenagers. And then she was not able to help them with anything. A kind of chance for redemption for the heroine comes in the form of boy Connor (Finn Little), who is being hunted by a couple of cold-blooded wheelers (Aidan Gillen and Nicholas Hoult) – they have already killed the boy’s father, who had compromising evidence on their boss, and now they want to get rid of the last witness. To get to their victim, they also take prisoner the local sheriff (Why is Max mute in Max and Ruby), who is also a friend of the dad’s boyfriend and ex-boyfriend of Hannah.

Those Who Wish Me Death is just the third directorial work by Taylor Sheridan, master of harsh crime drama, screenwriter for Killer , At Any Cost and Windy River . In the new film, he continues his creative quest: once again a strong heroine in the center of the story (this time it is Angelina Jolie, who plays a similar genre role for the first time in a long time), cynical murder scenes and a plot about a little man who is caught in deadly circumstances. Only now the events are not unfolding against the backdrop of snowy Wyoming or neo-Western landscapes near the Mexican border. No, all living things are swept away by a forest fire.

“Take French leave”

Aging diva Francis (Michelle Pfeiffer) was once a spectacular socialite, and now she lives on a boring legacy from her deceased husband. Together with her son Malcolm (Lucas Hedges), she decides to take the last money and move to Paris – and there in some small apartment to live out her days on this Earth. Of course, everything does not work out so easily, and with the move, the existential crisis does not go away by itself. Francis will have to rethink her own existence and answer the question: did she live her life in general? Of course, if you think about such things, then only in Paris.

Michelle Pfeiffer has not appeared in the main roles for a long time, and the tragicomedy Leaving Without Saying Goodbye is definitely her most striking benefit performance in a long time. The whole picture, in fact, rests on her psychologically complex character, a turbulent woman who, only by the age of 60, began to fully realize herself. The film by independent American director Azazel Jacobs closed the prestigious New York festival last fall and premiered at the Berlinale this spring.

“Ainbo. Heart of the Amazon “

A girl named Ainbo lives in a village somewhere in the middle of the Amazonian jungle. She does not know who her parents are, but she knows how to talk with animal spirits and feels oneness with nature, like no one in her tribe. When the village is in danger, it is she who goes in search of salvation – towards the powerful spirit of the Amazon.

Disney in its animated films for a long time, over and over again, tries to comprehend the myths of different peoples ( “Moana” , “Raya and the last dragon” , here is “Aladdin” ). But each time it is such a generalized portrait of some “exotic” people, very average, devoid of individuality. “Ainbo”, on the other hand, is a cartoon from Peru, made by people who have a special trepidation about the mythology of the peoples of the Amazon. A simple adventure plot here is populated with a huge number of colorful details, and in part the picture even resembles the works of Hayao Miyazaki – specifically, Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds with similar themes of the confrontation between nature and destructive humanity.

“Intimate Man”

Roma Liberov shot a documentary about Andrei Platonov, the author of the immortal novel “Chevengur” and the story “The Pit”. “The Secret Man” tells about how the writer sincerely admired the ideas of communism, and about how he later lost his son in the repressions, as well as about his military heroism and the terrible illness with which he returned from the front. And, of course, about his main works, which have become a reflection of Platonov’s difficult fate.

“The Secret Man” is not at all a standard documentary work with “talking heads” and boring offscreen text. Archival footage here is intertwined with play scenes based on the writer’s novels, and the music of Platonov’s contemporaries echoes the songs of Shortparis. Lieberov leads the story from 1917 to our years and shows, among other things, the cyclical nature of the story about the construction and painful death of a bright future.


Eugene Smith (Johnny Depp) became famous for his photographs during the Second World War – when he accompanied soldiers fighting in Japan, and selflessly captured the bloody battlefields. But the 70s are already in the yard, Eugene suffers from a creative crisis and tries to drown out problems with alcohol. One day, the translator Ailin (Minami) invites him to once again go to Japan – now not to document the war, but to help the residents of the town of Minamata. The fact is that their reservoir is being poisoned by a chemical company that dumps waste with mercury compounds. And while the government is inactive, the locals are seriously ill and die. Only Smith can tell the whole world about their misfortune.

Wow Character Lookup” is a touching drama about how just one brave person can change the world for the better if he is attentive enough to the problems of others. Director Andrew Levitas, himself a successful photographer, paints a multifaceted portrait of Eugene Smith, broken by life, but still a strong hero who, with the help of art, conquers (or at least tries to defeat) the soulless capitalist machine. And, of course, the film would never have worked without Johnny Depp, who plays probably his best role in recent years.