Advantages of Amazon product photography for online sellers

Product photography for e-commerce platform plays a major role in attracting potential buyers and convincing them to make a purchase. Sellers try to communicate and tell a story to their valued customers through product photos, product listings with poor quality photographs miss out on lucrative sales opportunities. Visitors on a product page are always drawn towards crisp and vibrant images even before they read the product description and other related details. Online sellers must always make sure that the product photos look awesome.

In the last few years, there have been significant improvements in the field of Amazon product photography as professionals have started to understand the preferences of the target audience as well as the specification of e-commerce platforms like Amazon. There are several techniques for enhancing the quality of product photography read this article until the very end to learn about some innovative Amazon photography tips to add more value to product photos.

Observing the technical specifications of Amazon before the shoot

Online sellers will find it relatively easy to plan a product photography session if they work around the technical requirements instead of clicking random photography and then editing. Amazon has its own set of technical guidelines to ensure that there is uniformity among all the product listings and sellers.

Including the right filename extension

All the images must be saved as a JPG, gif, TIFF all PNG file format. The camera settings must be changed accordingly at the beginning of the shoot.

Clicking images in RAW format helps in scaling the images as necessary

Every photo for the listing should be a minimum of thousand pixels in either width or height

Choosing the right color mode

Photographs can be shot in either of the two-colour formats CMYK and sRGB.

Avoid using additional characters

The filename must not contain any dashes, spaces, and additional characters, or else the image will be rejected.

Naming convention

Sellers must have unique product identifiers while naming the image file. The identifier must be followed by period and filename extension.

Making the most of maximum allotted photographs

According to the technical specifications of Amazon, sellers are allowed to upload a maximum of 8 images per product, and they must well use of this opportunity. The listed images show the photograph from all possible angles so that the buyers can have a complete idea and physical form of the product. Wearable products must contain a sizing chart to allow consumers to pick the best fitting option.

The main image should comply with all the technical specifications

Amazon has the following image specification for the main image of the product listing

  • The image has to be a photograph, graphic or illustration is not allowed
  • The background color must be white
  • No additional text or graphic should be included in the main image
  • The image must fill up at least 85% of the total area in the frame

Inclusion of an infographic is always helpful

Humans, by nature, can process images faster than text and symbols. Online buyers are always attracted to photographs rather than descriptions and product information. To make the most of these opportunity sellers must focus upon including infographics with the relevant details for convincing consumers into buying.

Showcasing the size of the item

Products purchased online are often returned as the consumers do not get a clear idea of its size. Sellers are always recommended to include pictures that can represent the actual form factor and size of the product against a recognizable object so that the consumers can have a clear idea of what they are purchasing.

Including lifestyle images

Including some lifestyle photographs in the product, listing helps in showcasing the product in its real-life backdrop. It not only allows the buyers to understand how to use it but also enhances the aesthetic value of the photos and convinces the buyer to make a purchase. 

Putting an image of the product packaging

Including one of the images of the item packaging along with the item help the buyers get an actual idea of what they can expect once the package arrives. It serves the purpose of building trust and creates an image of an accurate and honest seller.

Using infographics comparing features of similar product

Products like accessories, clothing, and bedding have several variations on the same product. Sellers can use one of the photographs as a chart to show the differences between the different types. Including charts containing a comparison with competitor products helps in influencing the overall purchase decision.

Putting a detailed product video

Products that are accompanied by a video in the product listing have higher chances of selling compared to others. Videos allow the consumers to portray the merchandise in use and showcase all its features and benefits seamlessly.

Hiring professional photography service

Businesses or individuals that lack the right kind of camera, photography equipment, and knowledge to take high-quality product photos must always higher professional photographers for the purpose. E-Commerce platforms like Amazon have their photography services to help sellers get in touch with local photographers to take high-quality photographs of their products. Amazon product photography has several years of knowledge in product photography and is equipped with a light set of equipment, software, and knowledge to ensure that their clients get the best quality services. 

Product photos are one of the very first things that an online shopper observes while browsing through different product pages. It is crucial to make a lasting first impression on the senses of the buyer to hook them with the product. Once a potential customer is directed to a product listing chances are high that they will be convinced to make an actual purchase. High-resolution photos grab the interest of potential shoppers and increase sales conversion rates significantly. Businesses have started valuing the purpose of Amazon product photography as it gives them a competitive edge over others in the market.